[Tables] Splinterlands Level Limits for Leagues (2022)

When you start climbing through the silver league and your deck starts to grow, you might be considering using higher level cards. However, you cannot use max level cards in every league. There are limits for each leagues and it was quite confusing for me at first. So I made a few tables for Splinterlands level limits for leagues. Hope this is helpful for newbies.   

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Summoner/Monster Level Limits

Like I said above, there are level limits for each leagues. The higher league you are in, the higher level cards you can use in battles. 

The table above is level limits of summoner and monster for the bronze to diamond league. Level limits of summoner and monster are same.

E.g., For the silver league, you can use up to level 5 common summoner or monster, up to level 4 rare summoner or monster, up to level 3 epic summoner or monster, and up to level 2 legendary summoner or monster. 

The max levels of summoner and monster is 10 for common, 8 for rare, 6 for epic, and 4 for legendary. As you can see above, in the diamond league, you can use max levels of summoner and monster for all 4 rarities(common, rare, epic and legendary).   

Monster Level Limits by Summoner level

Higher level summoners can summon(or team up with) higher level monsters. Even if you have max level monsters for certain league, if the level of the summoner(in the same team) is low, you cannot use the max level monster for battles. 

E.g., Let’s say you are in the silver league and you have or rented lv 4 Regal Peryton. Regal Peryton is a rare monster and the max level for rare monster in the silver league is level 4, so you have the max level monster for the silver league. However, if you use lv.1 Obsidian as your summoner, Regal Peryton will only be level 1 in battles. Because only higher level summoners can ‘summon’ higher level monsters. Since Obsidian is a rare summoner, it needs to be at least level 4 to be able to use lv 4 Regal Peryton in the same team. (Check out table 2) below.)

Monster level limits are little different depending on the rarity of the summoner as well. Therefore, rarity and level of the summoner of your team are important when using higher level monsters. 

1) Common Summoner's Monster Level Limits

2) Rare Summoner's Monster Level Limits

3) Epic Summoner's Monster Level Limits

4) Legendary Summoner's Monster Level Limits

moon by Jian Forest

I hope this post was helpful for you. Have a great day and have fun playing Splinterlands! 

If you are not playing Splinterlands yet by any chance, come join here. It is so much fun! You will love it! Also, check out my reviews on various monsters and battles.

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All the card and game-related artwork images in the post are from Splinterlands

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Thank you for the help! I just started playing a month or so ago and was confused!

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