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Q) How do I unlock the forest spell 'Sapphire Butterfly'?

To unlock the ‘Sapphire Butterfly’ spell, you need to purchase a 2~5 star ticket first. When you make a ticket purchase on Ko-Fi, you will receive a code in the thank you message and it will also be sent to your email. Follow these steps to redeem the spell: (1) Open the game. (2) Click on the ‘Redeem’ menu on the title screen. (3) Enter the code. (4) Click on the ‘REDEEM’ button. (5) You can now use the spell in the game.

Q) What are the benefits of pre-ordering your game?

By pre-ordering the game, you will receive a copy of the full release version of the game. In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in early access playtesting and provide feedback to help shape the final version of the game. As a pre-order customer, you will also receive exclusive in-game content such as a guardian, a spell, items, and other bonuses.

Not only that, but pre-ordering the game also comes with a discounted price compared to the full-release price, making it a great value for those who are excited about the game and want to support its development. If you would like to pre-order and join in on the early access fun, please visit here for more information.

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