About GOF

Guardians of the forest

‘Guardians Of The Forest (GOF)’ is an action-packed RPG shooter where players must defend the forest from invaders who are burning trees, destroying animals’ homes, and torturing them for their own selfish desires. As the planet’s balance is threatened, heroes and guardians from various realms unite to protect nature and restore harmony.

Players must navigate through challenging levels, battle fierce enemies, and defeat powerful bosses to progress through the game. The game is designed to be enjoyable for players of all skill levels, so while it will offer a satisfying challenge, it won’t be too difficult.

Join the fight to protect nature and restore the balance in GOF! 

⭐ Genre : Action RPG, Shooter, Shoot em up
⭐ Platform : Steam
⭐ Game engine: GDevelop

About Me

Jian Forest

Hello, my name is Jian Forest and I am a passionate pixel artist and indie game developer. I have always been interested in animal liberation and environmental protection, and I strive to incorporate these values into my work.

Since I was a child, I have enjoyed playing games, especially ones with many characters or monsters that I could collect. These types of games have always been my favorites, and I draw inspiration from them when designing my own game.

My goal as a game developer is to create experiences that not only entertain, but also reflect my personal values and passions. 


Art : Jian Forest
Music : Alaxander Nakarada